Captivity Kills.
"Never capture what you can't control."
This is a tumblr dedicated to freeing the lives of our sea animals stolen by the cruelty of our own kind.


Ric O’Barry. :)


Another postcard of Skana I found that shows how small the pool was that she was kept in.

This pool is actually the size of a swimming pool. 


I completed my first version of this poster two months ago and I’ve already had to update it :/ RIP Oscar <3

With the new Blackfish trailer spreading across the tumblrverse I thought I’d bring this poster I designed back to light, to provide a visual aid to those new to the anti-cap scene.
This poster represents the number of wild orca caught and brought into captivity. The red orca illustrations represent every wild-captured orca that has died since; while the black orca illustrations were each customized to represent the wild-captured orcas remaining in captivity today (Corky, Lolita, Katina, Kasatka, Kiska, Ulysses, Freya, Tilikum, Bingo, Stella, Kshamenk, Morgan, & Narnia).
**The poster does not represent the number of captive-born orcas that have passed